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As a Member, you can expect to...
  • Influence local, sub-regional and regional thinking and decision making
  • Be informed, consulted and engaged
  • Access funding opportunities and engage with commissioners
  • Access shared resources and receive support from others in order for your group or organisation to grow
  • Network with others, build your links and profile, access peer support, and take part in consortia and partnership opportunities
  • Acquire shared understanding


As a Network member, we expect you to...


  • Contribute to our work, share information, and participate in Network activities
  • Support other Network members by sharing your expertise, and collaborating rather than competing
  • Promote our work and act as an advocate for the Network
  • Be committed to effecting positive change


If you would like to join our Network, please fill in this application form and email or post it to us




Do you have rooms that you would like to hire out, or a service that you can provide to the voluntary and community sector in Manchester?


Why not send us the details and we will highlight this on our website!